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New Year – time to get organized with your DJ Business For those who have ...


Chauvet Swarm Wash FX @ Phase One DJ Store

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Pioneer DJM900NX S2 Review @Phase One DJ Store

You might have seen the video already in our preview pane, but here in the full review from Mike and the team at Phase One. – What do you all think? Well Pioneer do it again and lead the way in DJ  tech with their latest release the DJM900 NXS2 . The DJ mixer has […]

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Ways to Increase Your Disco Bookings in 2016

Want more bookings in 2016? Here’s some ideas that will help you to achieve this goal. Some can be implemented within minutes, others will take a bit longer but the results will be worthwhile. 1. Update your website & Facebook page Keeping your website fresh and up-to-date helps with your ranking in the search engines […]

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ADJs new IR Feature on the ADJ Lighting range

Nice little blog here from Darren and the guys at Prebeat explaining just what those letters IR mean on the ADJ Lighting range. You cannot help but notice many of the classic ADJ LED lighting effects being re-released with the letters IR included in the name.  If you are wondering what that means then we […]

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The Top 200 Most Requested Songs of 2015

The Top 200 Most Requested Songs of 2015 has just been released! In the past ten years, nearly 7 million song requests have been made using the DJ Event Planner song request system. The requests have been analyzed and sorted by popularity. After several years at the top of the list, Journey’s sing-along hit […]

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The stage manager gives you “the nod” and you know, it’s on. As you step out onto the platform, you try to steady your hands as the collective adrenaline of the crowd starts your heart racing. You’re a finely tuned setup machine and your gear is out and connected in under a minute. A moody […]

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‘Play Something Good We Can Dance To’!

Great BLOG from friend of MDJN Steve Briers Discos, about his personal experiences of Mobile DJ-ing This blog is not all my own work and the nuts & bolts of this have been circulating for years, but I have added much to the content too, based on my own personal experiences. I first received this […]

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NADJ Scholarship 2016

The National Association of Disc Jockeys (NADJ) once again has put together a unique opportunity for one of our Full Members to take part in a wide selection of educational and training opportunities.  This package will draw upon the resources of well-known and respected industry representatives, give access to a comprehensive DJ conference, gain VIP […]

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The ”How much do you charge?” question..

Many potential clients will ask “How much do you charge?” as their opening line. This may well be because they don’t know what else to ask, rather than price being their only consideration. So do you answer this question outright and risk it being a very short phone call or do you try and find […]

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Meet the Team at Phase One

One of the UK’s best known retailers Phase One lets us take a tour and meet the people behind the scenes who make it all happen! Providing Service Since 1981 Phase One DJ Store has a small but very dedicated team, we may not be the largest outfit but we truly believe we punch well […]

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