Promote Your DJ Business Through Facebook


Promote Your DJ Business Through Facebook – by Helen Lee

How to set up and get the best out of a Facebook Page

Facebook is where it’s at currently and if you haven’t noticed this you must be living in a bunker with no contact to the outside world! Although having a presence on this groundbreaking social media site can be pivotal to the success of a business, there’s more to it than just signing up and hoping it will perform miracles.

Firstly for a business such as a Mobile DJ creating a platform where your clients can become your greatest advocates can see the old faithful “word of mouth” reach new and exciting levels of response if you do it properly.

A  “Fan Page” is what you want to set up, so this link is where you can start from;

We suggest going for this option –

This will then take you to your page so you can start customising it. It’s important to have some great content on there to keep your customers and potential customers interested. How about loading on some pictures of your set up into an album, then an album of your gigs, maybe some “behind the scenes” shots and such like.

Remember to put in a small biography about yourself, contact details or a link to your external website.

Also another great promotional tool is videos, you can load these onto facebook directly or use links to videos you’ve posted on Youtube. Do you have a Youtube Channel? If not, we’ll go into how to create one in another blog soon.

There is no end of possibilities when it comes to adding apps and other snazzy things to pages. One great idea is to add a tab where people can sign up to your newsletters (if you send any) even if you don’t it’s a great way of capturing data. The app “MailChimp” is the best one we’ve seen – Here’s more info on that and on this page you’ll see the tab “Email sign up” for how it would look on your page.

The website “Social Media Examiner” gives great hints and tips on how to create a successful page, you can read up on that here –

No matter how many bells and whistles you add to your page the most crucial thing to its success is you making sure your followers feel you are interacting with them and giving them things to look at / read / watch that entertain them. You don’t always have to put information relevant to your business either; everyone loves to see a funny video from YouTube so putting up things you’ve found interesting on the web is always a good extra too!

Having just a personal account on there where people have to add you as a friend not only looks rather unprofessional but you’re very restrained with what you can do with the account, limited to 5000 friends and one thing we forgot to mention already is with a fan page you get to investigate your stats! By this we mean you can see where people are that visit your page, the links you put on there that become popular, even a little graph that shows how you fan base is growing. Might sound a bit geeky but believe us, you’ll soon be checking it every week!

Good luck if you’re going to embark on your Fan Page journey and we’d love to see your results! Share them with us on our Facebook page and we’ll add your page to our Favourites!



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2 Responses to “Promote Your DJ Business Through Facebook”

  1. lukeskywalker May 3, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

    Thanks for this – never really fancied the whole facebook or twitter thing but this has helped me set up a page at last lol thanks again

  2. Paul May 9, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    Thanks Helen & it was good to meet up with you & Richard again yesterday at Pro DJ UK.

    As for the above advice – I’m working on it!!

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